Below is the list of some of the key features of the financial planning module using our proprietary models.

Asset Allocation: Strategic and tactical asset allocation strategies to achieve long-term wealth creation goals. Our model is based on modified mean-variance optimization of multi-asset class portfolio. It regularly scans the portfolio for any drift in the target asset allocation which also helps in taking corrective measures.

Goal Tracking: Track each of your life goal’s in real time with mapping of your investments. Gap analysis, and timely alerts to the maturity of regular investments. Setup a separate bucket for each goal such as risk management, children’s education, retirement etc.

Retirement Plan: We plan for your retirement like no one else does. We never know the situation in the past but we can make sure we have tested out various scenarios. Our model runs various Monte Carlo simulations by modifying variables which will be affected as the economy progresses. This ensures your retirement is robust and comfortable.

Access to all types of products to achieve your long-term investment and wealth creation objects. Like Stocks, MF, Bonds, Derivatives, PMS, etc.