At finvestr (FINVESTR CAPITAL), we strive to provide our users with the best platform for investment into mutual funds. However, we understand that circumstances can change, and users may need to cancel their subscriptions or request refunds. To ensure that our cancellation and refund policies are fair and transparent, we have outlined them below: User Subscription Fees and Service Renewals: (a) Automatic Renewal: All user subscriptions for the Service provided by finvestr will automatically renew. If a user wishes to cancel their subscription, they must submit a cancellation request by email to at least 48 hours prior to the renewal date to avoid automatic renewal of the service. (b) Non-Refundable Fees: Upon termination of the service, the user acknowledges that all monthly subscription fees previously charged to their credit card/debit card/UPI/net banking in consideration for their access to the service will not be refunded, in whole or in part. All sales are final, and subscription fees are non-refundable. finvestr, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to refund all or part of the user's subscription fees. (c) Payment Obligations: The user agrees to pay the fees charged by finvestr for renewals until the service has been terminated by the user or finvestr. The user also agrees to pay any fees that may be assessed in connection with any products, services, subscriptions, or information ordered by the user, as well as any related taxes. The user agrees to pay all costs (including attorneys' fees and expenses) incurred by finvestr in collecting any unpaid or overdue fees. (d) Credit Card/Debit Card/UPI/Net Banking Authorization: The user represents and warrants to be the owner, holder, and authorized user of the credit card/debit card/UPI/net banking identified in the finvestr registration form. The user authorizes finvestr to charge their credit card/debit card/UPI/net banking to pay for all services requested by the user. The user's credit card/debit card/UPI/net banking authorization will remain in effect until revoked by the user by submitting a notice of revocation of credit card/debit card/UPI/net banking authorization by email to If you have any questions or concerns about our cancellation and refund policies, please contact us at, and we will be happy to assist you.